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The "other" Queen Bee.... [written in english]

Hey everyone,

Récemment, j'ai dû rédiger un billet de blog en anglais, sujet libre, afin de montrer mon niveau d'anglais pour un poste en communication dans le nautisme.

Quelques relectures et prises de tronche plus tard, le voici ! ;)

"I wanted to talk to you about one of my obsessions, that I can observe every day on my way to work.

By the way, have I told you that I’m lucky enough to go to work by boat ? I guess you wouldn’t want to hear about the evening sun shining all over my bike, the joy I feel being bare-foot and watching the sea in summer time, or all of those shiny mornings, beautiful waves bringing me this sensation of peace... Oh well. Sorry. You’re welcome.

I currently work in Toulon city center, near the port. So I have the chance to see a lot of boats every time I am picking up my boat. But I only have eyes for one of them. «L’Abeille-Flandre».

This ship is a french tug which belongs to the French Navy. Built during the 70’s in Norway, it was based in Brest, France, and often used for a lot of military operations.


From now on, my « beautiful Bee » is, almost every day, in Toulon.  Because this old ship has been replaced by her big brother, « L’Abeille Bourbon ». Yes, it’s « Her ». My Bee.

When the Mediterranean Tall Ships Regatta came in Toulon in September, the first thing I thought was « why did they drive away my bee ? Where is she now?? ». The old french tug was hidden somewhere, for sure, far away from those beautiful yachts ! And Yes, they were.

L’Abeille Flandre is nothing but boring for a lot of people. Rusty, not sexy, outdated technically, but still a « vestige » from the old good times… When I look at her,I really really want to get to know her spirit, and understand her history… Discover all her stories, travels, military rescues, and of course, her inside.


Yes , I do have my own wishes that one day while crossing the port, I'll be able to visit her, discover her, walk on her, and perhaps, go into the wild wide sea with her.

I never walked in a ferry boat, and I have always been impressed by those big mega boats I have seen in Marseille when I was a child ; and I am still enthusiastic about this as an adult in Toulon. So, when I met l’Abeille-Flandre for the first time, something happened to me, deep inside, and I still don’t know what.


You know, I was so proud to navigate our little Zodiac behind her, surfing in her wake, once. When I have the chance to see her while I’m out at the sea, I’m so happy ! And that feeling is one of the best feelings in the world, to me.

In fact, it’s like an old friend I wave at each morning, each evening, « see you tomorrow, My Bee !! », and I know it’s kind of crazy, but I am pretty sure that L’Abeille is full of mysteries…

Usually, I don’t talk about my Abeille addiction, but today, today was a good day. And I have Hope. Not to be disappointed. I’m convinced I will know her secrets. And I will keep waving at her, every day, until I meet her."